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Hands On Beekeeping Lessons

Our ‘Half Day’ starter courses in beekeeping are designed for those who would like to experience ‘hands on’ beekeeping.

The focus of attention will be on the bees inside their hives. The structure and internal workings of their ‘nest’ will be demonstrated at length. This can be achieved by carefully working through the hive from one end to the other. Once the roof and ceiling (crown board) are removed the colony is exposed. As I pull out frames I will be demonstrating:-

  • How the colony surrounds the brood nest with honey and pollen.
  • Young bees, freshly emerged and wobbly from their birth cells.
  • Eggs and grubs (larva), the latter curled up in individual, hexagonal cells and in various stages of their development. You will get some idea of how rapidly they grow.
  • Female ‘worker’ bees and their larger brothers (drones).
  • The queen (hopefully), she has to be found among all her subjects and can be difficult to locate. She usually reigns supreme, competitors are not tolerated and killed!
  • Some of the brood in the process of completing their larval stage and are now ‘capped’ with wax to protect them as they enter a delicate phase; their transformation into an adult.
  • Freshly obtained nectar; already turned into a weak solution of honey by the bees.
  • Honey, capped over with wax to preserve and keep it fresh until needed. Pollen, packed into wax cells, also preserved.
  • Bees coming and going from the entrance. Some of the incoming laden with balls of pollen attached to their rear legs.
  • A bee’s ‘built in tool kit’!
Beekeeping Courses

The above process will be fascinating to those interested in the natural world around us and questions are encouraged.

This could be your first step in becoming a beekeeper. If past experience is anything to go by you will find the lesson very enjoyable. You will see the bees in your garden through new eyes once you have visited one or two of their homes!

Please contact us for up and coming dates available for taster sessions
Please note that a minimum 6 people are required for the workshops to be run.
What you need: Bee suits, fitted with veils, are available for hire. You will also need wellington boots, marigold gloves and reading glasses if applicable
Fee: £75 to include refreshments and a jar of raw honey to take home
Looking for a special gift for your loved ones? Gift vouchers available
Payment terms: Payments can be accepted as cash on the day, cheques or via bank transfer

Honey Bee World is fully insured and covered by public liability. Your, very personal, individual experience is of great importance to us.

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