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John Osborne BeekeeperJohn Osbourne

I have been keeping bees for over twenty years. Over that time it has given me a great deal of pleasure. It is not only rewarding for the delicious honey the bees produce, but it is also about thee joy of managing them successfully.

My earliest memories are those where I encountered insects; feeding a caterpillar by hand, seeing my first stag beetle with huge ‘antlers’, a butterfly snatched from the air by a sparrow and so on.

This intense interest in the environment paved the way to working at The Natural History Museum in South Kensington, London. Here, unsurprisingly, I worked studying bees. My enthusiasm led to studying beekeeping for two years at Hadlow College.

Do you live in or nearby Cranbrook? If so, could we interest you in beekeeping?

This is a beautiful part of the country and I consider myself most fortunate keeping bees in this area. Clare is my beekeeping partner and we hold the lessons an apiary on a site that is semi-rural, in a field surrounded by hedgerows and woodland where the bees have the added advantage of being able to forage in local gardens. The honey they produce is simply delicious.
Apiarys in Hawkhurst

Some beekeepers make candles and polish from the bees’ wax while others will dry pollen as part of a healthy diet, or make creams and balms. Others produce mead or beer.

So… why not come for a lesson? It will be an experience you will never forget!

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