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Bee Keeping in Kent and East Sussex

Long ago in the rural surroundings of these towns the cottagers would not have needed beekeeping lessons or courses. Their knowledge was commonplace and handed down the generations. The keepers’ bees would have made a considerable contribution towards pollinating the fruit trees in local orchards and thereby helping to ensure a good harvest. For hundreds of years bees were kept in straw skeps. In the early autumn the colony would have been killed, the honey stored and the wax turned into candles. Nowadays, with the invention of the beehive, beekeepers overwinter their bees. This is, of course, far more preferable and gets the bees off to a ‘flying start’ in the spring.

Bee Keeping

In this ever changing world honeybees are predictable (if you know enough about them!). Learn much, much more about this ancient craft. Bee amazed! See the options below…

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If you live in, or around, Tenterden, Rolveneden, Benenden, Hawkhurst, Sandhurst, Northiam, Newenden or Wittersham then almost certainly honeybees from my hives will be visiting flowers in your garden during the warmer months of the year.

They work with abundant energy, seeking nectar rich flowers growing in gardens, fields and hedgerows.

The delicious nectar is multi-floral and predominantly from the flowers of blackberry, clover and lime trees. Scores of other flower nectars are also present. The resulting mixture yields a delicious tasting, aromatic honey; a very naturally produced, healthy addition to your larder and a much appreciated gift for loved ones and very special friends.

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