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There has long been an association between bees and beekeepers around Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Maidstone, Ashford, Hastings and Haywards Heath.

For a 4 week detailed course and bee colony to nurture, keep and grow

Delve into the world of the bee with John Osborne and discover all about ‘liquid gold’ with our 4 lesson bee keeping course, for those who would like to keep bees, gain a hands on experience that will empower you to successfully and confidently manage your own beehives.Learn More >>

TV personality Paul O’Grady tries his hand at beekeeping

Paul O'Grady at Honey Bee WorldIn September, Honey bee world was very happy to welcome Paul O’Grady to meet the Bees as part of his Great British Adventure series on ITV. We all had a great day (socially distanced of course) and John, the Bee Keeper, imparted his experience and enthusiasm for all to witness.

Paul was so natural and a pleasure to host as was his crew. Why not come along and experience meeting with the bees yourself? See above for our 4 lesson bee keeping course, ideal for the new and aspiring bee keeper.

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Long ago in the rural surroundings of these towns the cottagers would not have needed beekeeping lessons or courses. Their knowledge was commonplace and handed down the generations. The keepers’ bees would have made a considerable contribution towards pollinating the fruit trees in local orchards and thereby helping to ensure a good harvest. For hundreds of years bees were kept in straw skeps. In the early autumn the colony would have been killed, the honey stored and the wax turned into candles. Nowadays, with the invention of the beehive, beekeepers overwinter their bees. This is, of course, far more preferable and gets the bees off to a ‘flying start’ in the spring.

In this ever changing world honeybees are predictable (if you know enough about them!). Learn much, much more about this ancient craft. Bee amazed! See the options below…

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Bee Keeping

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Bees In The Environment

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